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At Beauty Unveiled, our mission has always been to teach girls that their identity is found in Christ alone. However, it is rather evident in the current climate of our world that our identity in Christ is under attack and the enemy is throwing punches from all directions. Each year, we can continue to remind girls how beautiful they are as God’s creation and how God believed they were worth the price of His One & Only Son, however this year… It is time we go beyond beauty and worth. It is time that we begin to equip these young warriors to be just that, WARRIORS. Psalm 56

tells us of a fight that has been waged against us and all day

long our enemy is attacking us… but no more will we stand for

that. It is time that we stand up to fight! 

This year at Beauty Unveiled, you will be equipped on how to

fight the unknowns, how to fight the battle for your life, how to

battle through your loneliness, how to overcome fear & anxiety,

and while they are so many other battles we may learn to fight

through, we will also learn to fight together. 

As a teacher at a school with the mascot of the warrior,

we have a phrase that goes like this: 

The strength of the warrior is the tribe. 

The strength of the tribe is the warrior. 

The Lord is the strength of us all

There is so much truth in that. We cannot battle these things alone and the enemy will try in every part of his being to divide and conquer, but not today. Today, we rise as WARRIORS ready to FIGHT. 



Youth Pastors & Leaders, 

This year is uniquely special! For the first time in BU history, we are offering a breakout designed specifically for the leaders. We know most youth ministries are led by a male figure and that makes it rather difficult to bring an all girl group to such an event as Beauty Unveiled. However, just as we want to equip these girls to know how to fight, we want to help equip you to help your students fight as well. In our leader breakout, we will share the heart & history of Beauty Unveiled— why we exist & why it is so important for the girls in our community to come be a part. We will also have a round table discussion of how to appropriately minister to female students, especially when you are a male leader. Those situations can sometimes get sticky! We want to help talk through some of those situations and address ways to reach the gals in your group when you’ve never been a teenage girl. This breakout will be open to ALL leaders. If you have any questions you may want to ask in our Round Table Discussion, please send them into Becca at

getting close!