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Did you know that when we first began this incredible adventure of Beauty Unveiled, we almost named it Identity Unveiled? Our mission from the very beginning of this ministry has been to learn who we are and to walk in that confidently and on mission. Seriously, our world does such a good job of trying to convince us of who we should be, who we might be, who we should try to be, and so much more...

but what if we we just embraced the girl that God designed us to be? 

Beauty Unveiled 2024 is called God-fidence: Knowing I Can't, but He can. We know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I promise that the message behind it is one that will change the way we not only see ourselves, but see God. Our prayer is that it will challenge us to live a life of obedience to all that God calls us to. 

Just as Esther was told many, many years ago, YOU have been created for such a time as this.

The question is will you have the God-fidence to walk through every door put in your path.  

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